Winmark Wines

We bring you a classic Australian Chardonnay from the renowned wine region of Hunter Valley.

With a rich viticultural history dating back to 1972, the former Pooles Rock property in the Hunter Valley is enjoying a revival like no other. Under the direction of its owners Karin Adcock and John Winstanley along with a skilled team of winemaking and viticultural experts, the vineyard is yet again producing premium quality wine.

Winemaker and consultant John Belsham is part of the team lending his 35 years of Chardonnay winemaking expertise to Winmark Wines ensuring the road from the vines to the glass is optimised.

The 2019 vintage will be released later this year or early 2020. Winmark Wines was established in 2016 when Karin and John bought the property. The property was completely renovated and refurbished to luxury standards and the Estate now comprises 3 properties across 130 acres with 28 acres planted with Chardonnay.

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